How to Combat Adware and Spyware

Spyware and Adware is a software or hardware that enters and install itself on a computer without the user’s permission or knowledge, and gathers information about the user and send it to whoever controls the spyware. This is very dangerous so you need to remove spyware, adware and malware on your computer.

Spywares are software that associates with key loggers, screen capture devices and Trojan viruses, It can enter your computer via activex controls on the internet or alongside other software. Without your knowledge or permission, it will gather personal information such as passwords, email address, web browsing history, age, sex, location etc. these are usually used by phishers or identity thieves. Who knows what they might do with the information they gather.

Adwares and spywares uses the CPU, Ram and other resources of your computer, and make you pay for the cost that are associated for using it. It will then use your bandwidth to connect to the internet and send all the information it has gathered, while adware downloads advertisements which will surely be bugging you through pop up window ads or other kinds of advertisements that are supported by its software.

Installing anti-virus such as Avast or McAfee can protect your computer at some areas, but one of the best ways to fight spyware is to download anti-spy software that mainly focus on combating these kinds of softwares. The best thing is that you can even get them free to download on the internet.

But if you haven’t tried installing any anti-spyware tools or programs on your computer, I highly recommend you to install Microsoft’s service pack 2. The service pack tightens the security of your computer with a new windows firewall system, it also has automatic update features, and a pop-up blocker for internet explorer. Another cool thing about it is its easy to use interface for keeping tabs on your computers security applications.

There are numerous steps to protect your computer against adwares and spywares, the simplest is to switch from Microsoft’s browsers because it has lots of holes for spyware programs to exploit. I highly recommend Mozilla firefox or Mac and Linux operating systems.