Anti Spyware Software Is A Blessing To Computer Users

You have to be protected to use the internet in a large scale. Since most business organizations are looking to computers and the internet for day to day operations, and employees are using the internet all year round, you never know what has affected your computer. An anti-spyware software is a must in the office as well as your home. Some spyware writers could even just maliciously install software to follow their counterparts’ movements. Free spyware removers are available on the internet and this can be used at home.

There have been several lawsuits against spyware program installers by the public as well as some government agencies. There are several routes with which spyware may reach a computer and it might be difficult to track a spyware writer. The spyware company will go though advertising agencies, and these agencies will in turn go to sub contractors to post advertisements on the web. However advanced anti-spyware programs can help in a big way in spyware removal from your computer.

One of the first anti-spyware programs to enter the market was Steve Gibson’s Optout. They are still developing it to match the latest spyware. Spyware can be a very costly affair, and one must take care to follow regular instructions about spyware removal software. Microsoft has its own anti-spyware program called Windows defender. While this spyware problem is huge, sometimes you will have to remove all data to removable hard disks and also reinstall the operating systems if required.

This can happen if you have left the spyware problem unnoticed and the system gets too infected that it crashes. Many anti-virus software companies have also reluctantly started anti-spyware programs, since many spyware writers were objecting to their programs being called spyware. Some even resulted in lawsuits. However since none can be trusted always when it comes to confidential information, people must be careful in checking the computer for spyware every now and then.

These anti-spyware programs work in two ways. One way is which it prevents installation by blocking any software it might find as spyware on the computer. The other way is to detect and remove any software it might find on the computer. It will scan the registry as well as the operating system files and remove any unwanted programs from the list. These programs are a great blessing to computer and internet lovers, if not a huge amount of data can be stolen.

Spyware Detected Warning in Yellow Box? It is Fake!

The loading process of your computer has just finished and you are about to start working when suddenly, a spyware detected warning in yellow box appeared right at the center of the screen or in the taskbar. The warning also tells you that you have to download a new antivirus and anti-spyware to fix the problem and you should not click there at any cost.

Well, there is good news and really bad news for you. The spyware detected warning in yellow box is a fake alert. It pops-up so it can trick you to buy a bogus antivirus program. The really bad news is that your computer is already infected with spyware. The yellow box that keeps warning you is the virus itself. In most cases, the infection has been delivered by a Trojan named Troj/Knockit-A. You have probably downloaded a malicious ware or you accidentally visited an attack site.

Delete Troj/Konckit-A Immediately: It is Dangerous

You have to uninstall Troj/Knockit-A immediately because it is a highly dangerous Trojan. It enables remote users and servers to track your key logs. This means that all the information you typed on your keyboard can be read by cyber criminals. The virus is a malicious keylogger that seeks to scrape usernames, passwords, banking information, credit card numbers, and other private data.

Once you see this fake spyware warning, you are now extremely vulnerable and your identity can be stolen. If you download the suggested antivirus, your troubles will not go away. You are simply opening up your computer system to further attacks. The developers of the Trojan can also completely control your computer.

Getting Rid of Spyware Detected Warning

Because your computer has been infected with a dangerous keylogger, there are crucial things you need to do first before you start the un-install procedures. First, please make sure that you don’t download the stuff this pop up is telling you. Second, use a non-infected computer and download a genuine Spyware Remover software and it in a USB stick. If you have entered passwords in the infected computer, you might want to change them on the non-infected computer for more safety.

Now, you need to boot your computer in safe mode and use the software on the USB thumb drive and install it in the infected computer to cure the infection. Just closely follow the instructions of the wizard to completely remove the spyware detected warning in yellow box.

Automatic removal of this spyware is highly recommended. This is extremely malevolent and infects critical system files. If you attempt to remove Troj-Knockit-A manually, you might end up having an un-bootable machine.

The next time If you see such fake spyware warnings, get help immediately. Learn the latest removal information and use genuine anti-malware tools to kill the virus.

How to Combat Adware and Spyware

Spyware and Adware is a software or hardware that enters and install itself on a computer without the user’s permission or knowledge, and gathers information about the user and send it to whoever controls the spyware. This is very dangerous so you need to remove spyware, adware and malware on your computer.

Spywares are software that associates with key loggers, screen capture devices and Trojan viruses, It can enter your computer via activex controls on the internet or alongside other software. Without your knowledge or permission, it will gather personal information such as passwords, email address, web browsing history, age, sex, location etc. these are usually used by phishers or identity thieves. Who knows what they might do with the information they gather.

Adwares and spywares uses the CPU, Ram and other resources of your computer, and make you pay for the cost that are associated for using it. It will then use your bandwidth to connect to the internet and send all the information it has gathered, while adware downloads advertisements which will surely be bugging you through pop up window ads or other kinds of advertisements that are supported by its software.

Installing anti-virus such as Avast or McAfee can protect your computer at some areas, but one of the best ways to fight spyware is to download anti-spy software that mainly focus on combating these kinds of softwares. The best thing is that you can even get them free to download on the internet.

But if you haven’t tried installing any anti-spyware tools or programs on your computer, I highly recommend you to install Microsoft’s service pack 2. The service pack tightens the security of your computer with a new windows firewall system, it also has automatic update features, and a pop-up blocker for internet explorer. Another cool thing about it is its easy to use interface for keeping tabs on your computers security applications.

There are numerous steps to protect your computer against adwares and spywares, the simplest is to switch from Microsoft’s browsers because it has lots of holes for spyware programs to exploit. I highly recommend Mozilla firefox or Mac and Linux operating systems.